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"Our passion: realize your unique project in a permanent manner by using our technical expertise to enhance your creativity."

Established since 2007 in the large Granite region, the Premier jet company has become one of the most successful businesses in the sector of stone and concrete engraving.

It has become, over the course of the years, a key reference company for professional architects in addition to the granite industries in Quebec.

Today their creations permit different towns and cities, including designers, architects and landscapers, to embody their projects in a more permanent manner.

Their very first projects were for private clients. However, soon after they were creating public works destined for major cities such as Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Montreal, Boston and New-York. Today, the enterprise is continuing to realize an increasing number of noteworthy projects.

President and founder of the company, Pascal St- Pierre is recognized by Quebec Crafts Counsel for his unique expertise that he has acquired in the field of stone engraving.


Supported by a multidisciplinary team in the areas of design, computer graphics, representation and production, he supervises each project to assure exemplary quality during execution which has been the bases for Premier jet renown today.

Premier jet is distinguished by:


- Their desire to be constantly innovative

- Their exceptional work quality 

- The guaranteed respect to their schedules

- An open workshop 12 months of the year

- Their mobile workshop (from May to November)

- Their fast response and quote service

- Their technical and artistic expertise

- The exclusive Remba™ concrete


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